About Me
In 1985, Takayuki Matsumine was born in Shizukuishi in Iwate prefecture.

After coming abroad with Industrial Arts (Film Industry Arts) in Hollywood, LA in 2010,

he became a professional artist based in Morioka-city, Iwate prefecture.


His love and zealous sense were fostered from freestyle skiing since his childhood and a free expression of art. He was awakened to the possibility of art at the age of 25, this initiated a chemical reaction inside Takayuki. Wearing his first ski boots at the age of 4 and getting a commercial sponsor at the age of 16, he became a viable prospect as a great skier.  However, his life turned completely when he injured his cervical spine from a falling accident, which left his arms and legs immobilized.

Even though he couldn’t move his limbs, his quest to find something to excite others, which he experienced the same passion whilst doing freestyle skiing, didn’t stop.

When he went to LA to study in 2010, he finally came across something that he had always been looking for. It was the world of Hollywood film art that finally he could link the same sense of performing freely and exciting others which he had from the freestyle skiing days. Takayuki relentlessly dislikes pity from others.

He realized that the world of art was the place for him to fight with others on the same stage and become the only one.


Since 2012, Takayuki’s artworks had started coming under the spotlight.  He had opportunities to draw his extreme and explosive artworks and inner color of the image on portrait photos of Japanese famous musicians and athletes.

In 2015, Takayuki’s portrait documentary was produced by Red Bull Japan and a number of his portrait artworks have appeared on various occasions to make people’s heads turn.

A portrait artwork is just a prologue for his art career.

In 2016, Takayuki restarted his art career using oil painting, acrylic painting, digital arts, and multi media arts to find and show his unique art style like no other to the world and has been aiming to become the “real” only one in the art industry.



2012年、松嶺のアート活動が本格的にフィーチャーされ始める。日本の著名ミュージシャンやアスリートのポートレート写真に肖像の内面と松嶺の熱狂性と爆発を吹き込んで作品を生み出してきた。2015年にはRed Bull製作のセルフドキュメンタリーが発信されるなど、松嶺のポートレートアートは様々なシーンに登場、注目を集めてきた。そして2016年、ポートレートアートは序章とし、リアル・オンリーワンを目指し、油絵、アクリル、デジタルとマルチメディアの中からオンリーワンのスタイルを世界中に発信すべくアート活動を再始動させた。

  • AI
  • V6
  • RIZE
  • Def Tech


  • 琉球ゴールデンキングス
  • 岩手ビッグブルズ
  • 菊池雄星
  • タナー・ホール
  • 小平智
  • Red Bull Wings for Life World Run 2016 ジャパン・オフィシャル・アンバサダー
  • New Balance「#進化する個性」キャンペーンモデル
  • 24時間テレビ2015チャリTシャツデザイン
  • Def Tech 2016, 2015 全国ツアーオフィシャルグッズデザイン
  • RIZE20周年記念全国ツアー・オフィシャルグッズデザイン
  • 2017キングスクローゼット・内飾アートデザイン
  • Red Bull Wings for Life World Run ジャパンTシャツデザイン
  • NHK Eテレ「ブレイクスルー」
  • NHK Eテレ「NEXT-未来のために」
  • 沖縄OTVドキュメンタリー



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