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Welcome to "HAM Artgangs Physical & NFT Artworks" project.

Premium Qualitied Physical Art + NFT Art

We will launch a project “HAM Artgangs + NFT” where you can enjoy the charm of both physical art and NFT art.
Recently, as the value and demand for NFT increases, we are taking on the challenge of creating experiences that mutually enhance the actual value of physical artworks.
Today, when the world of the Metaverse is getting wider everyday, it is believed that NFT art will continue to provide many possibilities and values ​​in the future due to its versatility.
On the other hand, physical artwork is also very valuable. While appropriately and effectively manipulating materials in the real world, It takes a lot of skill and imagination to physically bring the idea of ​​​​artists to the real world.

Artist Takayuki Matsumine, with the cooperation of Lucky Wide Co., Ltd., which handles production of world-class artist works, he has completed a very high quality art figure. The surface finish of the work is so smooth that there is not even a needle hole.
And the paint expression has a very luxurious finish with a color lineup that has been carefully selected overtimes as “colors make lives happy”.

This project aims to let people all over the world know the concept behind the creation of the art character HAM, It is a wish that you want to live a life with a rich heart. Through the NFT art platform Opensea, we will deliver the art of HAM to everyone around the world, and form a community with everyone around the world as a HAM FAMILY. We will actively create a place for everyone to interact on the online platform Discord.

How You Can Join & What You Can Get

NFT Artworks

HAM Artgangs NFT Collection is available on OpenSea @HAM-Artgangs.

Physical Artworks

You can purchase “NFT / the physic set versions” which makes you the eligibility to get HAM physical artwork included the entire costs for the artwork price and world wide shipping delivery costs. Please inform us with the number of NFT you have purchased in the form on the exclusive page, and we will contact you right away.

Purchase the eligibility NFT set on OpenSea @HAM-Artgangs.

NFT Trandings and Community

You can be the member of HAM Artgangs community on Discord and other SNS. Please join our community so we together grow “HAM Artgangs Project & Community”. It’s expected new version of HAM Artgangs are created and reveal to you all.

Discord – HAM Artgangs

What and Who is HAM

HAM Artgang is an art character created by a Japanese contemporary artist Takayuki Matsumine, and the character has expressed in multi-media artworks such as solid figures, paintings or NFT digital art. The artist Takayuki created HAM right at the beginning time of COVID-19 pandemic started back in March 2020 in Takayuki’s hope that the situation would improve as soon as possible, and created the character as the object of that prayer.

Since ancient times, Japan has had many natural disasters, and it is customary for people to create objects of prayer in order to overcome many of the difficulties. Eight million gods are a remnant of that cultural custom. Even for Takayuki, who has a chronic disease, the existence of COVID-19 that threatens the lungs and organ system was terrifying.

Takayuki’s grandmother was a craftsman of local folk crafts, and from a young age her business was to make dolls in the shape of a local farmer’s woman. The influence of his grandmother is strongly due to the motivation to produce Takayuki’s artist life today and he wanted to create a character that connects the world closed by COVID-19’s lockdown.

Takayuki named the character “HAM Art-gang”. The pronunciation of the word Gang in English is very similar to the “toy” in Japanese. In Japan, toys are toys that children play with prayer and thought. The sonic and semantic mix of gangsters and toys is very unique. I hope that HAM will be loved as an object that you can put your thoughts into.

From the first design of the character HAM, it took a lots of processes to get the final rendering result with animation.

SNS and Market Places


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