The Octopus Sucks My Brain

The Octpus Sucks, 2018 Takayuki Matsumine

Capturing the octpus recognized as one of ugly species which lives in a deeply bottom of ocean. Bring his up on to my head and let him sucks my brain. Any external stimulations activate my every perception with the brain and that makes the new pathes between the neuron networks.

Artist Takayuki Matsumine himself portrayed 160cm Hight statue featured to his life tragedy accident back in 2002, caused to spinal code injury at the cervical 4/5 which made him paralyzed from the shoulders down. The artist expressed the tragedy accident and the recovering process as the broken neck, and it has been fixed by spinal fusion surgery. The entire work shows his strong life philosophy idea.

Audio cable, PLA, Urathane Painting