From December 6th (Fri) to December 10th (TUE) 2019, a group exhibition will be held at “Gallery COMMON” in Harajuku, JAPAN.
During the exhibition, artists Takayuki Matsumine / @takaarts and Freyja Dean / @freyjadean will be at the gallery. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

What is “Humanness”?

In the future as technology advances, humans will have to grope for a new conception about the significance of existence. It seems that humans need to enhance each individual’s functions in order to combine HUB together, instead of settling in the HUB.
In the near future, when some human functions are interchangeable to artificial things in the field of medical care or other scientific scenes, the value of our identity will have a greater meaning for each person more than ever.

What kind of answers are waiting for us ahead?

The exhibition will feature the artworks by two artists; Freyja Dean whose creative theme is “Nature, Living things and Human community” and Takayuki Matsumine whose creative theme is “Tech, Medical and Human body”. The concept of their artworks is development of technology and accompanying possibility.
Two young up-and-coming artists’ sensitivity brought up in different soil, England and Japan, crossovers at this exhibition.
Please take this opportunity to visit a group exhibition “Homo Futuris”.

Title:Homo Futuris
Period:December 6th(Fri)- December 10th(Tue), 2019
Venue:Gallery COMMON (
6-12-9 1F Gijngu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Access:5 min walking from Tokyo metro ”Meiji Gingu-mae station”.
10 min walking from JR”Harajuku station”.
※No parking area. Please refrain from coming by car.

■Opening Reception
December 6th, (Fri), 2019 from 18:00~21:00

■Venue / Gallery COMMON


Takayuki Matsumine

Born in Shizukuishi, Iwate prefecture in Japan surrounded by beautiful environment filled with vivid change of seasons, Takayuki Matsumine has grown up with rich inspiration from nature and strong influence of grandparents who took over the inheritance of local folk crafts from early childhood.
In the age of 16, the fatal ski accident and destruction to the cervical spinal cord has changed his life dramatically where he started to face against the value of life with holding intermixed emotion of desire to live and suffer from living daily life. And still the suffer from fatal accident is giving energy to ignite his motivation.
While ejecting the energy made from his experience, the neuron spark occurring within the brain, the desire for neural resuscitation and brain waves that continue to jump out intensely are derived from quantum forming the cosmology and leading to his art expression. Gaining inspiration from the artwork, such as figurative arts, installation, technology and scientific fusion, he is reacting naturally and updating his study into his artwork.
“Now I feel the limited ability left to survive is somehow perfect balance for my lifestyle.” He only has brain and nerves from neck to top, but gained valuable experiences from the accident, which he states The Perfect Accident. “It is my life to continuously express the spirit and soul of Life and Death I struggle in my artwork.”



Freyja Dean

Freyja was born in Brighton and brought up in the suburbs of Sussex, England. Her mother, Amanda, is an artist and also a member of the local assembly . Her father, Roger Dean, works with many artists designing their album jackets. From her infancy, (In her childhood she learned )she has learned from her parents how to make objects by hand using natural materials  around her. What she has learned from her parents formed the base of her style, interest in natural world or natural science.

Freyja Dean studied BA Scientific and Natural History Illustration at Lancaster University before her MA in Art and Science at Central St Martins, London. She has also studied Forensic Facial Reconstruction at Cambridge University and History of Medicine through the Open University. These studies have influenced her work in various artistic fields such as designing opera costumes, character design for computer games, album covers, artworks for medical museums and public art pieces. Freyja most recently has been working for the Royal College of Surgeons creating synthetic body parts for surgical trainees to practice procedures on, as well as freelance design projects and exhibitions in the UK and Tokyo where she is currently living and working.




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